Mysterious Young Lady Found in The Labyrinth



5’0" and 98lbs of mystery. Jakka was found by Rys, Thanagor, Gorin, and Valis on the Teal Level of the Labyrinth. Seemingly timid and afraid from her own group’s adventures, she has found some hope from the party in that they have agreed to let her accompany them as they attempt to find their way out. She has a curious ability that thus far has been used against Rys when he was pressing her for information about herself. In a moment of high stress, she put him to sleep. When questions were asked, she admitted to having done this out of fear. Trusting in Thanagor, she told him why she acted as she did; she was afraid that others would kill her for what she is. Although no great detail was given, she told Thanagor, and eventually the party that she was something like a lycanthrope.

Accepted for now and staying close to Thanagor’s side, she has thus far attempted to help the group in fighting some hostile creatures. In addition, she has successfully found a trap and alerted the group to it.



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