Galean Realms

Thus Far...

Fortune Seekers

   Thus far our adventurers have joined together out of sheer chance.   Meeting in the town of Puck during the annual Tribute to Tymora Festival, they have decided to press their luck by chancing the Labyrinth of Tymora.  The risk is great, but so are the rewards…for those who survive.  

  Having earned their entry price, 3 chits for the group to enter, they stepped inside and began to explore.  Our intrepid party has successfully solved the riddles and dangers of the first level, and have moved on to yet another level.  This level has proven a mystery thus far with an odd out-of-place seeming room with friendly dogs and a cat, a relaxing room with a secret door containing a mimic within, an empty closet like room, and a room that contained various unfriendly creatures…and a curious new companion.  In addition, one of our fair explorers fell into a trap within the corridors.  Eventually rescued and only slightly worse for wear, the group now proceeds with a bit greater caution.  Will they find out what all the dragon head sculptures are about?  How about these areas that are affecting their sensibilities?  Will their new companion prove trustworthy?   We can only find out more as the journey continues.



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