Young adventurers in an old world living on the continent of Salissaa, a home to many various races all which once existed under the cruel and powerful control of the Tiyuena.  Centuries ago, the bonds of these vile rulers were broken and they were forced to flee the vengence of their slaves.   Since that time the free races of elves, men, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and all other non-Tiyuena have found their ways to new homes and better lives.  Thus far they have managed to coexist in relative peace with each other, some taking to more isolation and others building great communities and trade routes.  Kingdoms have risen and fallen in the centuries, but life has moved on and as it moves, thoughts of their former masters fall far away from the minds of the free races.  They look forward to a new world full of hope.

Galean Realms

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